Maini in Sold 2018 Dry Red Wine

A wine produced from carefully selected Rara Neagra grapes from the Speia wine microregion . Its appetizing ruby color and sublime aromatic bouquet evoke sensations of violets, bitter cherries and prunes. The palette highlights a fruity character, with light body, dominated by velvety tannins, invigorating acidity and pleasant minerality.

  • “The White Owl” Castel Mimi restaurant pairing: Pork Steak, Veal Schnitzel, Grilled Lamb.
  • Serving temperature: + 15°C + 18°C.

Interpretation of the symbol:

“Maini in sold” is a symbol of feminine power and maternal authority, often found on traditional Moldovan and Romanian blouses also known as “ie”. It refers to the origins of “Babeasca” – an alternative name of the Rara Neagra red wine grape variety.