Frati 2018 Dry Red Wine

FRATI wine created by blending the Merlot and Malbec varieties is dedicated to brothers and sisters. A coupage with character, produced from selected grapes from the micro-zone Speia, Codru region. The vibrant aromas of prunes and spices meet on the palette with delicate sensations of cherries, raspberries and chocolate. The body is full, dominated by spicy tannins, which ensures a pleasant astringency. The fruity aftertaste invites you to prolong the flavor of this wine.

  • Food pairings: dishes prepared from turkey or duck in the oven, well seasoned.
  • Serving temperature: + 15°C + 18°C.

Interpretation of the symbol:

Two diamonds – a regular and rational structure, which involves the coexistence of two elements, which have a common origin and a unique direction. Two entities that complement each other, supporting each other and becoming stronger together.