Feteasca Alba and Muscat Dry White Wine 2019

A refined dry wine from AnimAliens that embraces the elegant exotic aromas of Muscat grapes and the pronounced freshness of the Feteasca Alba variety. An attractive blend that will win your heart with notes of acacia flowers, gooseberries and pomelo.

  • Food pairings: White meat, fish and slightly spicy food.
  • “The White Owl” Castel Mimi restaurant pairing: Cheese board.
  • Consumption temperature: + 10°C to + 12°C.


The owl is a frequent guest at Castel Mimi and is represented on our coat of arms. In winter time this graceful bird protects our vineyards by hunting small rodents that otherwise could seriously damage the vine stocks. The symbol of the owl expresses freedom, wisdom, and loyalty.