Wine Tours and Workshops

Take a guided tour of our winery and taste top Moldovan wines and traditional Moldovan food. Read about our top wine and food tasting tours below or visit our Workshops page to find out how you can learn about Moldovan cooking, blend Moldovan wine or taste Moldovan wines with a professional.


Each winery tour allows you to discover the fascinating story behind Castel Mimi and taste some of the best Moldavan wines. The winery tour includes a captivating walk through the chateau’s cellars, gardens, courtyard and the production area of the winery. The winery tour is concluded with guided wine tastings that will provide you with a great sensorial experience. All but one of our tours also includes a selection of traditional Moldovan, gourmet tasting dishes.

All reservations will be made for the time interval that is more convenient for you: day or evening. After booking the tour we will contact you to determine the best time for your visit.
By using the booking system, you confirm you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions

  • Winery tours must be pre-booked either online, via phone on: +373 265 0 1893 or by email at:
  • The last tour begins at 16:30 hrs. For tours that start later, you’ll be charged an extra 100 MDL per person.
  • Children aged between 5 and 12 years old accompanied by an adult benefit from a free of charge access. Teenagers aged between 13 and 18 years old will be charged 100 MDL per person. Children and teenagers cannot participate in the wine tasting.
  • In case you are late for the tour, Castel Mimi SRL reserves the right to cancel your visit without prior announcement or to limit your tour time.
  • Castel Mimi reserves the right to modify the content and/or the prices of the packages according to the availability and/or costs of products and raw ingredients on the market.
  • Each serving of wine, included in the Tour Pack, is 100 ml.
  • Castel Mimi SRL may combine several smaller groups of tourists that speak the same language into a bigger group.
  • The time limit for the tour is approximate, but cannot exceed 3 hours.