Wine Party Room

Castel Mimi’s “Wine party room” is the perfect location to enjoy a glass of wine, take a coffee or sample some of the best traditional food Moldova has to offer. Whether you want to enjoy the room on your visit to Castel Mimi or hire it for an event; your visit will not disappoint.

The “Wine party room” features long tables, comfortable sofas and a wine bar and is open to all Castel Mimi visitors. It is also available to hire as a party venue for groups of up to 60 people.

It is an elegant, exclusive and relaxing location, where you can enjoy a menu of wine, tea, coffee, exclusive Castel Mimi designed cocktails or choose from an array of mouth-watering appetizers and desserts.


Monday– Friday: 10pm – 20pm

Saturday – Sunday: 10pm – 22pm


Email: or call: +373 265 0 1893