Vineyards and Technology

The exceptional quality of our wines is made possible through our long history of pioneering new technologies, the ideal and unique growing conditions of our vines and the passion and expertise that our winemakers bring to each and every step of the production process.


Our vineyards are located in the Codru region of Moldova where they sit on the slopes of the Speia hills close to the Nistru river. This location combined with the unique soil structure and climate make the ideal growing conditions for our vines, enabling them to flourish and produce the very best wines.

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Our vines range in age from 5 years, like the Viorica, to 20 to 30 years. They lay on an area of 170 hectares but additional yields are acquired from local grape producers meaning we harvest vines covering about 400 hectares annually.


We are proud of the passion, expertise and experience our people bring to every step of the production process; ensuring the best quality wines are produced at Castel Mimi. We also believe in supporting our community and so many of our people are recruited from nearby villages.


To ensure only the highest quality wines are produced, we harvest by hand in small caskets and cut more than 30% of the grapes to get a better and more concentrated taste. Working mostly by hand, we avoid polluting the air with machinery, meaning a better growing environment for our vines.


We mature our reds and some whites in the best French oak barrels that have the highest density of the wood. At Castel Mimi you will find the largest French barrel park in the whole of Moldova.


Our winemaking combines both tradition and cutting-edge technology. To maintain our status of excellence in winemaking, we never settle for less than the very best. Castel Mimi is very proud of its state-of-the-art equipment and its team of winemakers who enable us to obtain the very best wine.