The history of winemaking in Moldova started long before Constantin Mimi created Castel Mimi; around 3000 years ago. The winemaking industry has come a long way since then and seen many evolutions. Our winemaking history starts with Constantin Mimi, the last Governor of Bessarabia and one of the most prolific winemakers and politicians of the 20th century.

Legends are made by great people that accomplish big things, driven by their passion and dreams and unafraid of hard work and dedication. One of these people is our creator; Constantin Mimi, a pioneer, emblematic winemaker and an important public figure of the 20th century. He dedicated his life to wine. By applying the knowledge he acquired in Western Europe, Constantin Mimi managed to build the first chateau in Moldova. This led him to produce great wines and raise the standards by implementing new technologies. Thanks to his actions the country’s winemaking industry was saved a couple of times, so today Moldova can be one of the leading wine producers in the world.

Constantin Mimi’s legacy continues. The chateau along with his secret recipes and hard-working approach was passed to future generations of winemakers that pay justice to his memory by continuing the production of high-quality wines, suitable for any occasion. So, raise a glass of wine with us to remember this remarkable personality that supported the development of the Moldovan winemaking culture.

Constantin Mimi_The history of Moldovan winemaking


Today Castel Mimi is one of the top tourist attractions in Moldova; a true national treasure. Listed within the top 15 most beautiful wineries in the world; we present both history and modern architecture to the 30,000 visitors who come each year from over 80 countries around the world. At Castel Mimi, visitors rediscover Moldova through brilliant wines, delicious cuisine and local traditions. We are a family friendly winery and visitors both young and old delight in a visit to the famous Castel Mimi.

Constantin Mimi_The history of Moldovan winemaking