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Wine Painting Workshop

On April 16, we invite you to a unique workshop experience, during which you will discover special wine painting techniques. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to create exceptional and interesting paintings through the variety of motifs and light shades from red to purple, a range of beautiful colours that can not be imitated by any other pigment.

Painting Workshop for Kids

On April 17, we’ll be organising a Children’s Painting Workshop with the theme of the Easter holidays. The little ones are always happy to take part in creative sessions in which to put their imagination to work. To this end, we are organizing a workshop for children, where they can colour wooden figurines in the spirit of the Easter holiday, which they can later give to their loved ones!

Why enrol your child in the Easter creative workshop?

  • discover the representative elements for this holiday, their legends and their meanings – red eggs, lamb, Easter.
  • find out what the traditions are for this holiday.
  • they acquire basic notions of chromatics, because they will paint thematic wooden figurines.
  • will interact with other participants and the course curator, thus developing their emotional and social intelligence.
  • they can also participate with their parents, working together on the small design project.
  • they will enjoy an hour with therapeutic effect – manual work improves the ability to concentrate.
  • they will take the magnet figurines with them in a nice box that they can give as a gift.