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Sânzienele Night

 Sânzienele Night awaits you with good music, delicious food, enchanting atmosphere and, of course, unlimited tasting of the famous Sânzienele on July 9th at Castel Mimi.


  • Unlimited Sânzienele wine
  • Weaving lavender and wheat wreath
  • Pottery workshop
  • Candle wax reading
  • Dj music
  • Picnic areas (please take with you blanket)
  • Express Tour
  • Dancing around the bonfire
  • Marshmellow
  • Children’s activities: flying kites, scooters, soap bubbles
  • Open Air kitchen
  • Course with wine train

 * We offer guests a gift glass

Dress code: Ie or white clothes.

Price list:
Adult: 330 MDL/pers, children under age 7 for free
Adults plus train: 425 MDL/pers, children under age 7 plus train-1 MDL/pers
Train  Courses : Departure Chișinău -17:45
                              Departure Bullboaca- 22:15