Best Concert Venue of Moldova

Castel Mimi’s unique array of indoor and open-air venues makes it the best place to host a concert in Moldova. Our beautiful and historic chateau, ever green gardens and stunning outdoor terraces are available to hire and provide the perfect back drops for concerts of different sizes and levels of complexity. Castel Mimi also organises its own concerts which members of the public can attend.

ENQUIRE NOW: To enquire about concert venue hire call us on +373 60 18 00 18 or email us at To find out about concerts organised by Castel Mimi visit our Annual events page.

Outdoor concert_Moldova's Best Concert Venue


Mimi Square is the central point in Castel Mimi’s courtyard and offers breath-taking views. It is the ideal venue for open-air concerts and along with the chateau’s gardens, can hold up to 15,000 guests.

Music concert_Moldova's Best Concert Venue


The “House of Light” pavilion, is the only building in Moldova with all the walls made totally of glass, providing 360 degree views of the chateau and its grounds. This is the ideal venue for concerts of 200-350 guests and is 785 square metres in size.

Mimi cellars_Moldova's Best Concert Venue


The wine cellars in the heart of the Castel Mimi chateau provides a unique and atmospheric venue for concerts and performances. This indoor venue can hold 200-350 guests.

Music evening_Moldova's Best Concert Venue


Located inside the chateau, this venue features a wine bar and comfortable sofas for a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for a musical evening with about 100 guests. It is 219 square metres in size.

Music on stage_Moldova's Best Concert Venue

Castel Mimi concerts

Castel Mimi also organises events on its own, with the participation of artists from Moldova and abroad. These concerts are open to the public.


To enquire about holding a concert at Castel Mimi call us on +373 60 18 00 18 or email us at Castel Mimi can also organise concerts for weddings, private and corporate events.

To find out more about attending events organised by Castel Mimi visit our Annual events page.